Hi! I am Thomas. 👋

I am a student, programmer and (wannabe) ethical hacker.

Through learning programming in high school, I discovered a passion and started studying informatics at the Technical University of Munich. Along the way, I did an internship and a student job at a software engineering firm, through which I got to experience software engineering from a professional side. During an exchange semester in Norway, I came in contact with the field of cybersecurity, which sparked a great interest in me. Thus, after I had finished by bachelor’s degree in Munich, I moved to Darmstadt and began pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity at the Technical University of Darmstadt, which is currently ongoing.

While programming remains a passion fo mine, I am increasingly focused on working in cybersecurity, especially in ethical hacking and penetration testing. I love doing CTFs and other hacking challenges for fun and have just recently begun spending some time for bug hunting.

I am also interested in the political and societal aspects of the digital world. I am a supporter of open-source software and open data and I advocate making more software and data openly and freely accessible, while at the same time protecting private data.1

Besides technology, I really like learning languages. I am native or near-native in German and English and consider myself conversational in French and Norwegian. To a lesser extent I can understand and speak some Dutch, Ukrainian and Spanish and am at the moment (not very actively) learning Italian, Polish and Arabic.